Some laws in Montana are incredibly outdated and don't pertain to living in the state in modern times. We decided to look into some of the weirdest laws in the Treasure State.

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Much has changed since Montana officially became a state in 1889. Back then, people were traveling around in wagons and on horseback. It was a time when immigrants from all over the world flocked to Montana for a chance to strike it rich in the mining industry.

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Even today, Montana lacks the conveniences of other more populated states, but we're okay with that. Montanans prefer the simple life. There's no denying that Montana has changed in several ways since its humble beginnings, and some of the state's laws should probably be updated.

What Types of Weird Laws Exist in Montana?

There are some laws in Montana that are real head-scratchers. It makes me wonder about the things that had to happen in order for some things to be outlawed and made illegal. For instance, why is it illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone? Did something bad happen when a sheep was left in a vehicle alone? How did that become a law?

Pet Rat
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That's just one of the many strange things that are illegal in Montana. Check out some other weird laws below.

10 Weird Things That Are Illegal in Montana

  1. It's illegal to flick a booger into the wind in Whitehall
  2. It's illegal to honk your horn in front of a sandwich shop at 9:00 p.m.
  3. It's illegal to raise pet rats within Billings city limits
  4. It's illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish
  5. It's illegal to use a lasso to catch a person or a dog
  6. It's illegal to bring a horse or pack mule into a bar
  7. It's illegal to give a beer to a fish
  8. It's illegal to own a skunk in Montana
  9. It's illegal to shoot any animal from a moving vehicle, except for whales
  10. It's illegal to buy someone a drink without their permission

Personally, if I ever witnessed someone catch a fish with a lasso, I would be impressed. Those are just a few of the weird things that are illegal in Montana. I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I did.

Do you know of any other strange laws in Montana? Let us know about them on our station app.

20 License Plates Banned In Montana

This is just a small glimpse at banned license plates in the state of Montana. There are well over 4000 that could be added to this list.

Now why some of these are banned is beyond me. I don't find any of them offensive, that's for sure; the state of Montana has the right to refuse:

"any combination of letters or numbers, or both, that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency or which are misleading or a duplication of license plates provided elsewhere."- Montana Motor Vehicle Department

What plates are banned in your state? Hopefully, they are not as picky as Montana.

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