Not all insects in Montana are bad. In fact, some of them are extremely helpful. Most people have a fear of insects, but if you leave them alone, they probably won't mess with you either.

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I live in Manhattan, not far from the Gallatin River and Missouri Headwaters State Park. Needless to say, once temperatures start to warm up, bugs are everywhere. If you plan on being near any body of water in Montana, prepare to deal with bugs. You literally can't escape them.

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I have a rule at my house. If I see a spider or any type of insect inside, it's as good as dead. If they're outside, I usually just leave them alone and let them be. Every year, a certain type of spider sets up shop on my front porch and builds a large web. Last year, I actually left it alone and fed it flies and other small insects all summer long. It eventually got huge.

Spiders get a bad reputation, but most of them actually help take care of insects that can otherwise annoy us. Having a spider or two outside of your home isn't really a bad thing. Check out this list of the most common spiders found in Montana.

Weird Looking Spider is Excellent at Keeping Bugs Away From Your Home

If you've ever come across a Cat-Faced Spider, It's best to keep it around. It may look scary, but it's actually completely harmless, and they are great at keeping your home bug free.

What Does a Cat-Faced Spider Look Like?

Cat-Faced Spider
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According to Insect Identification, the Cat-Faced Spider has two bumps on its abdomen that make it look similar to a cat's face. You may see them in your garden or tucked in a corner underneath your patio. The common cat face spider is a part of the orb weaver family.

Cat-Faced Spiders are extremely interesting and unique. To learn more about them, read this study from Washington State University.

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