The population of Bozeman and the surrounding area has been growing for quite some time. We all know that Bozeman is a great place to live, but for those looking to move to Bozeman, there are a few things you should know.

On the Bozeman Reddit page, many residents gave advice to a person from London that was interested in doing an exchange year at Montana State University.

Some of the comments are accurate and could be incredibly helpful to someone that wants to make Bozeman home.

Here are some things you should expect if you plan to move to Bozeman.

  • We're far from any major population centers.
  • The closest big city environments would be Salt Lake City, Utah (6hr by car); Boise, ID (8 hrs); Denver, Colorado (9.5 hrs); Seattle, Washington (10 hrs). We do have an airport with decent connections if you're willing to spend the money.
  • Most people leave after their first winter. The snow can fall anytime throughout the year. It's not that cold for the most part, but you need to be prepared for -5 degree  weather with spells as cold as -20. Sometimes it gets even colder than that. It's not a good place for people who don't like winter.
  • It's best to have some outdoor winter hobbies so you don't find yourself stuck inside for half the year.
  • For the most part, people are very fit and adventurous here. World class skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking. 6 different mountain ranges within a 2 hour drive.
  • When people say there’s a music scene, they mean the same (good) 15 local bands rotate venues and occasionally some larger national acts come through Bozeman.
  • Finding a good paying job can be difficult in Bozeman
  • People in Montana love the great outdoors

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