Its May 2018 and that means another MSU class of graduates will grab their sheepskins and embark on their quest to conquer the world.

Has MSU provided these graduates with the arms and ammo needed to live the American dream? I might sound cynical, but I’m not totally convinced that they have.

Degree or Discipline?

There are more lawyers graduating from law school then there are working lawyers.

Most of these newly crowned barristers are going to find it tough going to make the six-figure salary they were led to believe would be theirs.

It’s no secret that seventy-five percent of all lawyers finished in the bottom three quarters of their class.

Doesn’t exactly sound like Perry Mason does it?

S.T.E.M. Studies

There’s an old saying, “A students teach, B and C students work for D students.”

If your diploma has (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering or Math somewhere on it then you might have a reasonable shot at a quality life.

STEM studies are some of the most in demand occupations in today’s world.

Those of you with Liberal Art degrees prepare to live paycheck to paycheck.

Some Final Thoughts

If you have one of those no real future diplomas, then I have a couple of suggestions for you.

First, learn to make phone apps or second, either create or learn to repair robots. Either of those should bring you up to speed monetarily with the high school graduate that learned to weld or drive a semi.

The world is your oyster, but it might be tough to crack open the shell and I doubt you’ll find a pearl inside. Let's hope your sacrifice and hard work pays off. Comments below.

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