This question is one of the toughest to answer because there are many variables to consider. 

If you don't know, I am a huge fan of movies, especially if there are based in Montana. We have done numerous articles on films set in Montana. The problem is when choosing the best movie to be set in Montana, there is one huge question, do you choose a movie that's set in Montana or a movie that was filmed and set in Montana? 

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One man on TikTok named Cinema Joe made a series of the Best Movies Set in Each State and for Montana is a controversial choice. Not because it's not a good movie but because it wasn't filmed in our home state. Cinema Joe picked Arrival as the best movie set in Montana. 

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Listen, Arrival is a fantastic film, the cast is perfect, and was nominated for an Academy Award. The problem with Arrival is that even though set in Montana, the film was shot in Canada. 

If we had to choose the best movie for Montana, there are a few choices. First, there is A River Runs Through It. The film was entirely filmed in Montana, stars Brad Pitt, and is one of Robert Redford's finest films. Plus, it introduced the world to fly fishing. 

Another great film is Legends of the Fall. Starring Brad Pitt again, this film is a family story and was mostly shot near Helena. Another film that many folks might know about is one called Clay Pigeons. It's a black comedy film from the same director as Wedding Crashers and stars Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix. 

So what do you think? Should the best movie set in Montana also be filmed in Montana? Or should it be set in Montana? 

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