It's summer in Montana, which means warm temperatures, time outside, vacations, and get-togethers with family and friends. Another popular item in the summer-time is ice cream.

This weekend we celebrate National Ice Cream Day, which happens to be on Sunday. However, if you're anything like me, ice cream is one of those things that are in your freezer all year round.

Ice cream, for the most part, just makes people happy.  If you're having a bad day, ice cream can make it better.  If you're having a great day, ice cream can make it better. I remember growing up as a kid, we would get out the old-fashioned ice cream maker and it was a real honor if you were picked to turn the handle.

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Of course, nowadays, most folks don't use those, and if they do, they are the fancy electric ones.


Here in Montana, we have lots of fantastic ice cream shops to choose from, with some that have been around for darn near a hundred years or so. From the old school, to eclectic and out-of-the-box, Montana ice cream shops have a variety of different flavors and we ice cream lovers have a whole lot of options.


When it comes to ice cream, what do Montanans say is their favorite flavor?

According to Taste Of Home, last year in Montana the most popular flavor of ice cream was rainbow sherbert. Yea, I'm sorry, I'm going to disagree with this one.  First, is sherbert ice cream?  I mean, it's sherbert, right?  Second, I just can't imagine that out of all the flavors out there, Montanans said that rainbow sherbert was their favorite.

So, how about we do this, how about we just put up a poll and ask Montanans what their favorite flavor is? Make sure and vote in our poll below.

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