ice cream

Wine Ice Cream – AWESOME!
No, you didn't read this title wrong.  Someone was ubersmart and has combined two of my personal favorites - wine and ice cream!  Mercer's Ice Cream is now offering wine ice cream that contains around 5% alcohol.  The flavors are Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet,  Peac…
Ice Cream Parlor Sells Cicada-Filled Ice Cream
Ice cream makers have always pushed the limit when it comes to flavoring their creamy dessert.
This week, Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream, located in Columbia, MO, joined the ranks of bold and off-the-cuff ice cream makers when they offered an insect-filled cicada ice cream.
Fallon And Colbert Battle Over Ice Cream
If you haven't heard of Ben and Jerry's latest talk show inspired flavors, you have to read this. Stephen Colbert has his flavor 'Americone Dream' and Jimmy Fallon just this week got his own flavor 'Late Night Snack'. The two are not so happy about sharing the spotlight…