With all the planning and deadlines fluttering around in a brides head sometimes the wedding dress can become an unexpectedly time consuming matter. Being one of the most important parts of your important day, with these simple tips from After 5 And Weddings we hope to help you avoid cutting corners or settling for less.

We at After 5 and Weddings have many brides that come in this time of year just getting started on next year’s planning.  I just met one the other day who is getting married in July 23, 2011.  She is just getting started on her wedding gown search and feels like she has a ton of time.

But, this is the bridal industry (which is a strange cousin of the regular clothing industry).  Here in “Bridal Land” it takes 4-5 MONTHS for the dresses to come in once they are ordered!  And, with almost all dresses needing some kind of alteration, the dress should be ordered no later than 7 months before the wedding date, with 9 or more months being our favorite timeframe.

So, my best advice is to order your gown as early as possible! Of course, we do have an amazing selection of gowns in our inventory that may be purchased “off-rack” for those with a shorter timeframe. Just let us know how we can help you!

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Megan Jacks, Owner
After 5 and Weddings