We all owe Ellen DeGeneres a big “thank you” for getting the ‘X Factor’s’ Steve Jones to take his top off on her show Tuesday. It really wasn’t that hard — all it took was a simple “I was hoping that you would take what you have on off…” She did give him a black, ‘Ellen’ v-neck as a cover up, though, but for a few moments of glory we got to gawk at the man’s furry abs.

A lot of guys in the spotlight today tend to shy away from donning hairy chests, keeping their own very clean shaven. In fact, almost too clean shaven. Hopefully other stars will realize from Jones that men look hott with body hair. It’s what makes men… well, men!

This wasn’t even the first time the Welsh star took his shirt off for the cameras. A quick dig around into his past revealed that he appeared in the British movie ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ as an attractive, shirtless carpenter. He’s also bared his chest on the cover of Attitude magazine for its sex issue. In both instances, Jones sprouted a sexy man bushel complete with a bunny trail.

Check out his strip on ‘Ellen’ below.