With the way social media works, it's easy to feel like you're the only one not moving in the direction you should be. The only one who doesn't have a perfect life, everything figured out and success beyond what you'd imagined.


I know I feel that way at least once a day. The Facebook "highlight reel" can create a very heavy feeling but, at the same time, it can push us to think about more - what is MY purpose?

What's the first AND ONLY step toward finding your life's purpose? Step outside your personal bubble.

I didn't realize how impacted I would be by this statement. I am so incredibly guilty of staying where things feel safe and I know what to expect. The world feels really big and there's not a lot to hang on to when that personal bubble isn't anywhere around. It's like learning to ride your bike for the first time. Those training wheels provide stability and we don't have to worry about anything but looking around. The training wheels come off. Now we're trying to find balance while still looking around and practicing safety and being allowed to ride in new areas for longer. The world opens up.

That's life.

What happens when we get out of that bubble and how can we impact others by simply stepping out of our comfort zone?

The answers are infinite. After reading THIS POST, I started thinking about how I approach  life. That's the problem. I approach life. I need to ATTACK life!

Does this mean anything to you right now?