I'm convinced our IT department is after me. I'm avoiding coming into contact today. This means I have to keep on the move and always be aware. Yesterday, while Googling a story, I typed in "Naked Celebrity Photos" isn't technically what I was looking for. 

Over the weekend, the news of a bunch of celebrity photos were leaked. The problem is that all of the celebs were naked. I'm not interested in seeing the photos, I wanted to know how the FBI was involved (that kind of thing is super-fascinating to me). Without knowing all names of celebs who were hacked, I just did a general search of "Naked Celebrity Photos" and then FBI.


Don't Google those terms. Especially at work.

I got naked celebrities. Literally.

I could not close tabs quick enough. Everything just kept popping up. Agh! I was sure our IT department had some sort of alarm going off in their secret computer monitoring center and were going to be at my desk within seconds.

I was freaked.

Let this be a public service announcement to you.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?