Tragic news this morning. 19 members of an elite hot shots fire fighting crew were killed over the weekend during a massive Arizona wildfire that has burnt over 2000 acres, taking with it the lives of the firefighters, and many of the homes in Yarnell Arizona.

This firefighting team was the best of the best, and lost their lives trying to help others.  As a last-ditch effort at survival, Hotshot crew members are trained to dig into the ground and cover themselves with the tent-like shelter made of fire-resistant material, according to yahoo news. The hope in that desperate situation is that the fire will burn over them and they will survive. 19 of these shelters were found where the firefighters bodies were found.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those involved, and those who continue to battle the blaze in Arizona and around the world.

Who were the hotshots?  Brave Americans.