Facebook still serves a great purpose for the exchange of hyper local information and advice. Bozeman area residents chime in on everything from hiking and the outdoors to safety and crime.

Although I wish this FB group was more about "hidden gems" around town, it is actually a pretty good resource for business recommendations. When you're new to town (or a local encountering a new problem), it's nice to get honest opinions about whatever you're looking for...be it a manicure or a mechanic.

Pretty self explanatory, even for those who don't have pets. (Hey, if an animal was lost in your neighborhood, you might be the first to spot it!) People in the Bozeman area are really good about sharing posts so if you DO lose your pet, take the time to create a quick "wanted" style graphic with vital info. Makes it more shareable.


Another fairly obvious group, but AMAZINGLY helpful. Weather events and accidents get reported here with fairly detailed updates. Conditions on the Pass can be FAR different than in town.

An interesting public group. A good forum for Bozeman know-it-alls and wanna be know-it-alls. Both serious and light hearted stuff is discussed. Often funny or interesting local stuff making national headlines.


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