After a cool start to the week, Bozeman is supposed to reach 90 by the weekend, so stock up on your favorite popsicles now before the freezer case is bare!

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

When it's hot, we don't eat much around our house. However, we can blow through a couple of boxes of popsicles in no time. (Yeah, the sugar ain't that great for ya, but it's not like they're wrapped in bacon.)

We prefer the classics but always find room to try the latest and greatest. Remember Pop Rocks? They have popsicles with Pop Rocks in the middle!

If you're more of a gourmet, try making your OWN at home! Food & Wine Magazine names the best popsicles in the country that you can try to replicate in your own freezer!

Me? I prefer the old-school classic.... Fla-Vor-Ice!

(photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)