Gallatin County beware: Turns out Karen doesn't appreciate your devil worshiping Halloween decorations. Lord help you if you do one of those "Satan shows" with lights and music. She's already throwing a fit about it online.

Clint Patterson - Unsplash
Clint Patterson - Unsplash

I know a bunch of those adult, Halloween-loving cuckoo birds who start planning their Halloween decorations in July. You know what? They're some of the most interesting, hard working, fun-loving people around. They make haunted houses for THEIR friends, not for the kids' sake.

The adults who love Halloween (in my experience) are just party people who grew up, had kids and still like to party. Seems legit to me. But then again, Karen was probably never invited to their parties back in the day...and I can guarantee you she's not invited this Halloween.

Let's put it this way: Spirit Halloween stores open in August for a reason. That reason is people are INTO it. Halloween is their jam. It's their party season...and the kids might have some fun too. What costumes are hot this year? How tall are the new lawn decorations? What weird drinks can we serve?

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Let's get back to Bozeman Karen. She's been popping up in various online groups, poo-pooing those who are discussing their Halloween plans. Her unsolicited two cents include things like the following: (all misspellings and poor grammar in the quotes are Karen's)

  • "keep your pagan celebration to the inside of your house. The rest of us shouldn't have to look at demonic symbals"
  • "This is an unholy day where you encourage your kids to bother other people late at night. You should be ashamed of yourself"
  • "Halloween people waste so much time and energy. Maybe you should get a job instead of playing dress up"
  • "My neighbor will be getting a visit from the police if they have another Halloween party. We don't like loud devil worshipers around here"

Damn, Karen. You know Halloween is fun, right? Most Christians have zero problem with it so I'm not really buying the devil worship thing. The young kids have a good time. The adults are at least allowed to have a good time, and if you weren't such a piece of could have a good time too.

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