Skipping meat or just in the mood for seafood? Restaurants in the Bozeman area have come a long way when it comes to really good fish and seafood menu options.

Some are fancy, some are definitely not fancy. They just have to be delicious. So we put the call out to Bozeman folks for THEIR favorite fish dish. The suggestions run the gamut...and there are a few on here that I have yet to try, which is cool.

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NOTE: Any details (such as locations, descriptions, prices, etc) about the suggestions below were accurate as of March, 2022. We gathered info from each business's website or social media.

These are fish dish suggestions from listeners, so some restaurants got more than one mention.

SOUTH 9TH BISTRO, Pan-Seared Alaskan Halibut: (721 South 9th Avenue
Bozeman) "rosemary and garlic mashed red potatoes, lemon-caper beurre blanc, sautéed broccolini. $40." BTW - I've always had incredible meals here, no matter what I ordered, but this dish was suggested by a listener.

BACCHUS PUB, Fish & Chips: (105 West Main Street, downtown Bozeman in the Baxter Hotel) "Amber battered fish, tartar sauce, lemon, served with french fries. $17"

FRESCO CAFE, Wild Alaskan Salmon Over Penne: (317 East Mendenhall, downtown Bozeman) "penne covered with creamy basil pesto, local bacon, caramelized onion, sautéed locally harvested Oyster mushrooms, and pecorino romano blend, topped with grilled and caramelized wild caught Alaskan salmon"

FRESCO CAFE, Shrimp Fettuccini: "shrimp sautéed in a white wine shallot reduction, tossed with fresh roma tomato, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella, over local grain fettuccini"

DAVE'S SUSHI, Ahi Sunrise roll: (115 North Bozeman Ave, downtown Bozeman) "Ahi, avocado, and mango. Topped with citron tobiko. $16"

LAST CALL MODERN MEXICAN, Rockfish Tacos: (19 South Willson Ave, downtown Bozeman) We couldn't find a copy of the Last Call menu but their Facebook description includes "rooted in Baja Mexican culture while celebrating seasonal ingredients from Montana "

FEAST, Daily Ceviche: (270 West Kagy, Bozeman) "fresh fish marinated in citrus and spices with crispy wonton chips. $19"

FEAST, Cioppino: This is MY PICK for my own favorite fish dish in town. There are several things that I love at Feast, but the Cioppino is my favorite. "4 oz ahi, wild maine lobster (1/2 tail), green lip mussels (1#), jumbo shrimp (2), and pancetta in a tomato citrus broth"

THE BAY BAR & GRILLE, Shrimp Wontons: (located on the west side of the Gallatin Valley Mall) "Crispy fried wonton stuffed with cream cheese, chives, and bay shrimp. Served with hot mustard and sweet and sour dipping sauces." BTW - most people in our office love these things. They're not fancy but they're tasty as hell.

SEVEN SUSHI, Hamachi Ribs: (113 East Oak Street, Bozeman) "Grilled yellowtail ribs tossed in sesame soy, served with warm rice, sprouts, and finished with scallion oil." This is one of my absolute favorite appetizers in Bozeman. - Michelle

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