Yes, we live in a great place. We also live in a town where people will jack your stuff if you leave it unlocked or unattended. Bozeman Police have issued this update today:

The Bozeman Police Department has been responding to a large number of property crimes to include stolen vehicles and bicycles as well as vehicle break-ins.

In just the last two months, the Bozeman Police Department has received over 70 reports of vehicles which have been broken into, the majority of which have reported items being stolen.

Anything from cash to guns are being taken and it appears all of the vehicles had been left unlocked prior to the theft. We are also aware many people have not reported similar incidents and understand the impact is much higher than this.

During the same time period we have received 35 reports of stolen bicycles from residents in the city. In the majority of those cases the bicycles were left unlocked.

In addition to stolen bicycles, we have received reports of 19 stolen vehicles within the last couple months. As with the previously reported crimes, the cars were left unlocked and keys were available somewhere in the vehicle.

Also please document serial numbers on valuable items to include bicycles. In the event they are stolen, serial numbers are valuable in identifying your property.

Anyone with further questions, comments or information regarding these crimes should contact Sgt. Travis Munter of the Bozeman Police Department at (406) 582-2006.

Bozeman Police Department