There's really nothing finer than the social media comments when someone asks a seemingly harmless question about the vibe of a few small towns. It's as if Bozeman folks can't help themselves...MUST...RESPOND...GIVE...WITTY...FEEDBACK.

So here's what happened: a few days ago, one of the Bozeman-centric Facebook groups presented a harmless question regarding small towns, located about an hour outside of Bozeman. (Specifically Whitehall and Cardwell, MT.)

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The original poster wanted to know what type of community each town was, whether they were welcoming to new residents, and even about rattlesnakes in the area. (?)

Cardwell - Google Maps
Cardwell - Google Maps

Anyway, DOZENS of responses came in from Bozeman area folks dying to chime in with their two cents. (Please note: any spelling errors or weird grammar below were made by the social media commenter.)

  • "Likely welcoming unless you want to come change everything and put in street lights."
  • "you will always be considered an outsider, and so will your great grand children"
  • "I lived in Whitehall for 4 years too long. The wind was insane."
  • "You'll have to be careful to not get on anyone's property or you'll be shot at." Never know when a robber will stop your car and steal everything. It's every man for themselves."
  • "My thought was you either have to belong to a church or a bar" (?)
  • "Rattlesnakes and other wildlife are pretty much everywhere."
  • "don't t forget noxious weed control."
  • "WIND . . . . that word doesn't encompass just exactly what it's like there."
  • "They have both rattlesnakes and flooding. Lots of wind and mosquitoes as well."
  • "If you have to ask, you won't do well there. Check out Townsend instead."
  • "They're ok little communities but they're nowhere near as nice as what you'll find in North Dakota."
  • (my personal favorite... :-) "Dusty, windy, rednecky, no good food, nothing to do. It is country living and classic Montana."
  • "Tons of rattle snakes and floods all the time might wanna stay in California"
  • "Truck stop in Whitehall has a lot of meth heads.. Don’t try to change the place and you’ll be fine (well maybe the meth heads)"
  • "And don’t get me started about flooding. Place is practically the pacific ocean in the spring time."
  • "Very small towns"
  • "yes wind and river rattlesnakes"

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