The Bozeman area is currently experiencing the worst COVID-19 outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic. Daily confirmed cases have been increasing, and three deaths were reported within the last week in Gallatin County.

Many residents are concerned and recently the question below was asked on the Bozeman Reddit page. r/Bozeman

Hi Bozeman folks. I was curious if any of you (or know someone) who has tested positive for COVID-19? Where do you think you contracted it? Did you experience any symptoms? What were your experiences in quarantine?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we haven't heard much about local experiences. We've heard a lot about new cases and hospitalizations, but unless you've personally been affected, you may be wondering what getting infected with COVID-19 is like.

Many residents in the Bozeman area shared their personal experiences on the Bozeman Reddit thread.

Ikontwait4u2leave said;

My roommate got it. He had mild symptoms, no idea where he got it from but he goes out quite a bit and isn't exactly careful. I never got it from him but still had to quarantine. I though quarantine was nice, I got paid time off and got a ton of stuff done around the house. By the way, paid time off for quarantine is the law for most employers around here, don't let your employer screw you out of it.

Turkino shared their personal experience;

I caught it several weeks back. The only places I had gone out to in the potential time frame the health dept. thought I may have obtained it was to the gas station and grocery stores (Walmart, Rousers, Target).

Just to note: I've worn a mask (covering nose and mouth) every time I had gone in public, followed up with hand sanitizer as soon as I got back in my vehicle and hand washing as soon as I got home. Still managed to get it. :(

Never had a fever, had some bad body aches the first few days, then had some cough, chills, I didn't completely lose smell but it was greatly diminished for about 2 days towards the end of my quarantine time, but the big one was fatigue. Symptoms lasted for a week and a half, during which I maintained quarantine till the health department gave me the all-clear.

auspicious123456 said;

Had a coworker catch it. Claimed it was from a customer but I'd be more inclined to think it was from playing poker at the bar. Younger person, said it was the sickest they had ever been and it was awful. Started with massive body aches, then lost smell, then breathing issues. Took them about a week or 2 to recover.

Flight815 Down wrote;

I got out of quarantine about a week ago. I had a sinus infection and got tested "just in case". It started out as a stuffed nose and a headache before it moved to my lungs with a cough and difficulty breathing. I never had a fever. I lost all smell and some taste, but most came back a few days later. I still have a hard time with any exercise. I had to lie down after walking up a flight of stairs and have to take breaks on my 10 minute walk to campus. My roommate didn't have it, so my quarantine was basically focused on not getting her sick. I loaded up with food and water in my room and wore a mask whenever I left my room. I tried not to be out of my room for long when she was home or awake. It sucked, but she never got it, so it worked! I watched tons of shows and movies, did some knitting and painting, slept a bunch, and called my family for a distraction.

To read more about the personal experiences that Bozeman residents have had with COVID-19, click here to view the thread on the Bozeman Reddit page.

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