What a great week! It's Homecoming at Montana State University and you can feel the excitement all over the city.  So, this whole homecoming thing, how did it all start?

That's a great question and a few schools claim that they actually came up with the tradition. The University of Missouri, Baylor University, The University of Illinois, and Southwestern all claim to be the originators of Homecoming.

However, as the story goes, the University of Missouri was playing the University of Kansas in football and the Athletic Director at MU wanted to make sure that there were people in the stands, so he sent out a plea to all the Missouri Alumni to "come home".  His plea worked as 10 thousand people showed up. there was a parade and a bonfire, and well, the rest is history.

Of course, Homecoming here in Bozeman includes some cherished traditions.  One of the big ones being the lighting of the M. Throw in the theme days for the students, plus all of the class reunions, the pep rally, and of course the game on Saturday and it's certainly a memory-making week for both current and past Bobcats.

In fact, I predict that this year will be even more meaningful, especially since we went so long without football due to the pandemic.

Credit Townsquare Media
Credit Townsquare Media

The truth is, for many of us, these are the days that we look back on with great fondness.  The people, the places, and the memories will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Wither it's your first Homecoming as a Bobcat, or you're returning to visit your old stomping grounds, stopping at Pickle Barrel for a delicious sandwich, or your favorite college bar to have a drink and relive days gone by, we welcome you home.

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