The temperature isn't the only thing heating up in Montana. Just check out the missed connections section on the Bozeman Craigslist page, and you'll see why.

Throughout the winter months in Montana, the missed connections section was pretty active, but it seems as if things have slowed down a bit in April. Mostly because people are spending time outdoors instead of in front of a computer screen.

Each month, we take a look at the missed connections section and put together a list of the best ones. Much of the time, they are quite entertaining. Who knows? Maybe someone will read this and find out they have a secret admirer.

Once, I thought I found one about myself but was disappointed when I read that the person they were looking for was a Domino's pizza delivery driver. Let's face it, the dating scene in the Bozeman area can be rough.

While online dating sites claim to make lifelong love connections, I personally haven't witnessed any success stories. Those looking to find love have to get creative nowadays, and some people even muster up the courage to attempt to find love on Craigslist.

As I mentioned previously, April was a slow month on the missed connections sections, but we were still able to put together our list for the month.

Let's start at the beginning of April with this gem. I'm not sure if meeting someone in a bar is the right move, but I'm single so I have no room to talk.

1. Tall Cowboy at the Rocking R Bar

2. This guy is looking for a "Gravel Bike Redhead" that likes Chuck Norris.

3. This guy just wants to thank the pretty gal at City Brew for buying his coffee.

4. Jake from Home Depot. We've all heard about Jake from State Farm, but what about Jake from Home Depot?

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