There are do's and don'ts. Obviously. But to be clear, here's what to bring and what NOT to bring to a peaceful protest.

  • Some type of Fanny Pack - Events like this are a rare occasion for a fanny pack or a hip pack. They're easy to carry and whatever you do bring will be safe and zipped up.
  • Bring your ID and some cash/a credit card.
  • Bring your FULLY CHARGED cell phone
  • Hydrate before you show up and bring some water - smaller CamelBaks are great
  • WALK to the event if you can - it's a big gathering. Much easier to attend and LEAVE if you don't have to deal with the vehicle traffic.
  • Bring signs, of course. Stiff cardboard or foam board is great. Just keep them lightweight. (Trust have to carry it for a couple hours.)
  • Consider extra BLANK signs and big Sharpies. (You may want to make another sign or give one to someone else.)
  • Wear your mask (and bring new, clean, extras if you have offer to anyone might need/want one)
  • Bring hand sanitizer
  • Do your best to socially distance yourself from others. It's possible to attend a large gathering without being in the thick of it.
  • DON'T BRING WEAPONS OF ANY KIND (Fairly obvious, but worth stating. I carry a knife in my purse every day of my life but that comes out when gathering for something like this.)
  • Be smart and be safe - peaceful protests often attract dissenters. If at any time you don't feel safe, go home.

Register for the Bozeman National Day of Action for Black Lives (6/5/2020 at 4 PM at Bogert Park) by clicking here.

Bozeman Protest - Courthouse
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