After hearing a lot of talk about a Winco Foods location in Bozeman for the past couple of years, it's finally happening.

Winco Foods is officially open for business. The new grocery store is located at 2913 Max Avenue in Bozeman. At 9:00 a.m. on Monday, the parking lot at Winco was packed with customers eager to shop at the new store.

Winco Foods claims to be Bozeman's low price leader and will aim to offer products to customers at greater discounts than can be found at other area grocery stores.

Winco Foods is Bozeman's second 100% employee-owned grocery store. Town & Country Foods is also employee-owned.

We stopped into Bozeman's new Winco Foods in Bozeman on Monday morning to check it out. Here's a look inside of the new Winco Foods grocery store.

Here's A Look Inside Bozeman's New Winco Foods Grocery Store

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