Experiencing a powder day at Bridger Bowl might be one of the most memorable days of skiing or riding in your entire life.

The powder at Bridger Bowl, known to many as "Cold Smoke", has often been referred to as some of the absolute best in the United States. In comparison to Big Sky Resort, Bridger Bowl is rather small, but that doesn't mean the skiing isn't just as good.

Bridger Bowl is a cherished gem in Montana. It offers some of the best skiing, without all of the lines. Many areas at Bridger Bowl require avalanche gear, and are intended for highly skilled skiers and riders.

Bridger Bowl is currently having a Season Pass sale that runs through October 15. During the sale, it's $750 for an Adult Season Pass. After October 15, the price goes up to $900. For more information on Season Pass prices at Bridger Bowl, click here.

According to Unofficial Networks, Bridger Bowl is one of the five best "small" ski areas with very challenging terrain in America.

The ski terrain at Bridger is legendary. And for good reason. Big chutes and in-your-face steeps can be accessed mear feet from chairlift unloading zones. This is a real skiers mountain. Just make sure you bring your avalanche gear  if you want to access all the goods.

It looks like the cat is out of the bag. Honestly, it's no surprise that Bridger Bowl is on this list. Like I said, if you've ever been skiing at Bridger on a powder day, it's pretty much self-explanatory.

Winter will be here before you know it. Pray for snow and soft fluffy powder fields.

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