In Montana, there's a lengthy list of exotic pets that residents can legally own. However, before you go out and purchase one, you need to be aware of state laws and regulations.

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There are a lot of wild animals in Montana, and believe it or not, you can legally own quite a few of them. Lions, tigers, bears, and wolves are among the exotic animals you can legally own in the state. First, you'll need a permit from the state of Montana, and the process for attaining one can be long and drawn out.

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In Montana, the ownership and possession of certain exotic animals is regulated by state laws and regulations.

What is an Exotic Animal?

According to Montana State Law, an exotic animal is defined as a wildlife species that is not native to Montana. Click here to find out more about owning exotic animals in Montana.

What is Native Wildlife?

Native wildlife is defined as a species or subspecies of wildlife that historically occurred in Montana and that has not been introduced by humans or has not migrated into Montana as a result of human activity.

I was on Facebook a few days ago and came across a listing for bobcat kittens for sale. One of Montana's most beloved native species is the bobcat. It's the mascot for Montana State University in Bozeman, and surprisingly, you can legally own one in Montana.

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Can you Legally Own a Bobcat in Montana?

It is legal to own a bobcat in Montana, but as mentioned above, you need to make sure you acquire the proper permit from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. You'll need a Fur Farm License in order to own a bobcat in the state.

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