Warm clothes and some patience will be required for the 2022 Brawl of the Wild in Bozeman this Saturday. Both Friday and Saturday come with some strict rules for Cat/Griz parking and what times gates will be open.


With ESPN College Gameday doing their broadcast live from the campus of Montana State University before the game, there are several more layers of complexity to parking, road closures and where you'll be allowed to go and when. All times listed below are in local, Mountain Time.

If you're planning on bringing a sign to ESPN Gameday, make sure your signs abide by the simple rules ESPN states on their website:

One of the most beloved traditions associated with College GameDay is the making of signs.

No vulgar signs, .com, .net, .org, political or religious signs are allowed.

Signs cannot be on poles or oversized. All signs brought to Saturday's taping will be inspected before entry...

Here are all the details we know so far, directly from Montana State University. We will update and add to these details as they are released by MSU. We've included a map of the parking lots at Montana State below that you can enlarge.

  • WEDNESDAY, November 16th: Starting at 6am, lot 11 will be unavailable for public parking
  • FRIDAY 11/18 6pm: Bay C + D of South Fieldhouse lot closed; towing in these bays will begin at this time to facilitate snow removal.
  • FRIDAY 11/18 6pm-8pm: RV tailgaters will be allowed into East and West stadium lots (NOTE: your spot is not guaranteed until Saturday morning due to normal campus parking).
  • FRIDAY 11/18 at 8pm: all lots barricaded and locked.
  • SATURDAY 11/19 at 3am: Kagy Blvd closed.
  • SATURDAY 11/19 at 5am: tailgate lots are opened. Normal game parking credentials will be enforced in South Fieldhouse and stadium lots on Saturday. No parking in these lots without a pass. A tow truck will be on site all day to impound improperly parked vehicles.
  • SATURDAY 11/19 at 5am: ESPN GameDay gates open. People parking for this event should use lots 14, 3, 21, and any other lot north of Grant Street.
  • NOT ALLOWED inside ESPN GameDay area: "bags (of any kind), food and drinks, pens, pencils, markers or dry erase boards and signs on sticks"
  • SATURDAY 11/19 7am to 10am: ESPN GameDay broadcast. Live from DYCHE FIELD at 900 W. Kagy Blvd, Bozeman (this is the large, open grass field north of Kagy Blvd)
Montana State Parking Map
Montana State Parking Map

If you're wondering about how to get into the ESPN broadcast area, their official website is very straightforward about what it takes:

Students and fans have the opportunity for up-close view of the show by standing in the pit immediately adjacent to the stage.

Selection is on a first-come, first-serve basis for all fans. Students admitted to the pit are encouraged to wear school colors and should have a numbered wristband.

Participants are subject to ESPN security procedures and policies.

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