Montana is full of wide open spaces and that makes it easy to get away from it all. Many celebrities and other wealthy individuals own property in the state in an attempt to get off the grid.

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Celebrity sightings aren't uncommon in Montana, especially with huge Hollywood films and shows such as Yellowstone filming in the state. Montana is officially on the radar for a lot of people who may have looked over it in the past. That news may be upsetting to locals and longtime residents, but the state definitely isn't complaining about the revenue being made.

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There are several celebrities that call Montana home at least on a part-time basis. Here's a list of a few of them. You never know who you'll run into the next time you run to the grocery store. Personally, I've seen quite a few celebrities around Bozeman throughout the years.

Some celebrities actually take time to give back to Montana. For instance, last summer John Mayer, who owns a home in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston, performed three shows at Pine Creek Lodge to raise money for Montanans affected by historic flooding.

Robert Daly
Robert Daly

Where Do Celebrities Hide Out in Montana?

For the most part, there are places in Montana where most celebrities go to hide out.

    • The Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. It's a private members-only community that is known for having its fair share of celebrity residents. Justin Timberlake and Tom Brady are two examples.
    • Paradise Valley, south of Livingston, Montana is another place where quite a few celebrities own property. John Mayer and Authur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons are two of the more notable residents.

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