Hey, dog owners, this one’s for you.

Cesar Millan is coming to the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.

The star of Nat Geo Wild's "Cesar 911" and the original host of the “Dog Whisperer” series will be at the Brick on Sunday, March 6, 2016.

Tickets go on sale Friday, Sept. 25 at 10 a.m.

There will be live training demonstrations and an audience question and answer.

According to the Brick’s website,

Cesar Millan will reveal the secrets of happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canine companions in his exciting live show. Cesar will share his philosophies and methods, then present examples via live training demonstrations with multiple dogs from local rescues. His famous four-legged companions, ‘Junior’ and ‘Benson,’ will also join Cesar on stage. From his years of experience, Cesar will show that for a transformation to take place in a dog, the real transformation quite often needs to take place in their human companion first. You'll be amazed and inspired by the simplicity with which Cesar's Way can bring harmony and balance into your and your dog's lives.