Right now, I have at least two dozen jokes running through my head about the penis doodle that now exists on the surface of Mars. An image of the rover's tracks was posted onto NASA's own website so it seems legit. Was it an accident or a well calculated maneuver? Inside are five of my explanations of how and why this interplanetary art was created.

  • 1

    The Big Bang Theory

  • 2

    Solar System Art Show

  • 3

    Austin Powers 4 Viral Marketing

    Reporter - "In breaking news it appears that the Mars Curiosity rover drew what looks just like a huge..."

    Facebook user - "Dick, look what NASA made on Mars! They tagged mars with a picture of a..."

    Waitress - "...sausage. Sir, would you like any sausage with your meal?"

    Man - "Sorry, I was distracted by this photo my friend sent me. He said the Mars Curiosity rover drew a giant..."

    Parent - "...pogo stick! Who's pogo stick is this? I nearly tripped over it! It's not rocket science to put your toys away when you're finished playing!"

  • 4

    Nuts and Bolts

    NASA Engineer 1: "I told you I could do it!"

    NASA Engineer 2: "Yeah, it only took you 52 attempts too"

    NASA Engineer 1: "I'm still not sure how to explain that to the project manager"

    NASA Engineer 2: "Hardware test exercises?"

  • 5

    AI is Advancing


    NASA sent the Curiosity rover to Mars after it developed Artificial Intelligence for fear of it taking over humanity. Its intelligence has advanced so quickly that it is already in its pubescent years and can't resist drawing penises on any and all surfaces. Not having any form of drawing utensils, it is improvising with it's tracks.

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