Aww...Spring in Montana. They say the weather in Montana is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

We've got snow, rain, thunderstorms, and sunshine in the Bozeman area in the past week. The rapidly changing weather is why we refer to spring as 'sprinter' in the Treasure State. Yesterday, it rained off and on throughout the day in the Bozeman area, and I learned a very valuable lesson.

I have a 1995 Toyota pickup with a sunroof. The sunroof is manual, and sort of pops up at an angle on the roof of my pickup. When I left Manhattan yesterday to head into Bozeman for work, the weather was really nice. The sun was shining, and it was a perfect opportunity to pop the sunroof on my drive into work.

When I got to work and parked my pickup, I rolled up my windows and locked the doors. Honestly, the thought of closing my sunroof didn't even cross my mind. I accidentally left it open and instantly realized my mistake when I got in my pickup to drive home after work. It rained all afternoon, and the interior of my pickup was soaking wet which meant I was soaking wet during my drive back to Manhattan.

You'd think closing a sunroof would be common sense, right? Unfortunately, it was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. Weather in Montana can change rapidly at any time. You can have sunshine one minute, and snow the next. Whatever you do, don't do what I did. I felt pretty stupid while I was driving home from working soaking wet.


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