California resident, Daryl Mckay, recently visited Yellowstone National Park. During his visit, Mckay witnessed a rare sight.

While driving back from a day trip to Cody on September 11, 2020, he ran into a large pack of wolves in the road at around 10:00 p.m. The wolves were spotted while driving between Norris and Madison junction, just before Gibbon Falls.

While driving between Norris and Madison junction, just before Gibbon Falls, the whole entire wolf pack was in the middle of the road! We got to enjoy these beauties for about 15 minutes including a lot of howling.

After filming the wolves, Mckay posted a video on his Facebook page. In the video, you can clearly hear him and his passenger expressing their excitement. He sat in disbelief as the wolves played around, walked in circles, and ran up and down a small hillside.

Mckay says he watched the wolves for approximately fifteen minutes, and enjoyed listening to the wolves howl. He counted seven wolves in total.

According to Yellowstone National Park, as of January 2020, there are at least 94 wolves in the park. At that time, eight different wolf packs were counted. In general, wolf numbers in YNP have fluctuated between 83 and 108 wolves since 2009. The northern range of Yellowstone is one of the best places in the world to watch wolves. Peak times are at dusk and dawn.

Wolves are not normally a danger to humans, unless humans habituate them by providing them with food. No wolf has attacked a human in Yellowstone, but a few attacks have occurred in other places.

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