We are coming around again with tourist season here in Montana with plenty to do.

Festivals, Montana state fair, national parks filling up. It's all coming together and heating up next month as school gets out.

We can count on many coming form all around to enjoy the Big Sky State to witness what are state is all about.


For the last few years, Yellowstone the TV show has brought a glimpse of Montana scenery and life into almost every living room in the country and some of the world. Everyone wanted to see what it was like to live and breath "as a Dutton would", along with that, production brought many jobs and quite a bit of money into the state which always a good thing.

As we are still waiting for season 5, news came down that Yellowstone will conclude this year as Star Kevin Costner is disconnecting with the TV show subsequently ending the original run. Script for the second half of the final season has yet to be green-lit to start filming.

With the end of production imminent, what will this mean for the luster of Montana being portrayed on film? Will we see the same amount of tourism it the state as we've seen in the last few years?

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In the beginning of the series, some Montanans gave the initial push back to Hollywood people coming in and gumming up the works. With time and money people felt a little more comfortable with the Hollywood types being around.

Will the end of Yellowstone hurt tourism season or will people still ride the Yellowstone train and check out a piece of Montana Glory?

I'm not too worried about anything.

Just a thought.

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