If you are looking to get into a TV show or book series, you should give this one a shot. 

Historically, Montana has been somewhat overlooked when it comes to books and TV shows. Before Yellowstone came out, the most popular movie or book about Montana was A River Runs Through It. As Montana continues to gain traction in popular media, we see that yet another popular book turned tv series features a main character from our very own state.

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The Expanse series takes place in a world where Earth has colonized Mars and most of the solar system. The books follow main character James Holden and a variety of other characters as they navigate various dramatic situations. 

Credit: Orbit Books
Credit: Orbit Books

The character James Holden grew up in the wilderness of Montana to eight parents. That might seem weird until you find out at this point in the future, the Earth's population is over 30 billion, and people are encouraged not to have kids. 

During the book series, you get an extensive background on James Holden's life in Montana before he leaves to go to space. Occasionally he goes back to Montana to see his family and the current status of our state. It's a wild ride. 

When you read the books, it gives off a Game of Thrones in space vibes, and there is good reason for that. One of the authors of the books was a personal assistant to Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. 

There are nine books in the series so far, and the television show finished its sixth season last year on Amazon PrimeIf you want something new to read or watch that will capture your attention and leave you craving more, check out The Expanse. 

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