HGTV to Film 3 Homes in Missoula Area
As much as I hate to admit it, I have been watching far too much HGTV lately. My interest in the shows have been mostly due to the fact that I am in the market to buy a home. For me, HGTV is like having MTV's "Cribs" on 24/7. I spend a majority of the time watching and wishing I could find…
5 TV Show Remakes That Didn’t Stink
Hollywood loves to crank out remakes of beloved TV shows, and this season is no exception. Television viewers will be treated to new versions of 'Charlie’s Angels' and 'Prime Suspect.' More often then not, though, these reboots fail, but there are a few success…
CBS Cancels Two And A Half Men
I have to say I am happy that CBS took a stand against Charlie Sheen.   Maybe this will snap him back into reality?  For his sake we can only hope.
CBS has pulled the plug on "Two and a Half Men"... for now.