UPDATE 3:25pm July 18th 1012   - MANDATORY EVACUATION West of Inverness including Inverness Road, Loc Lomond and Black Hawke. The fire is moving towards Old Yellowstone Trail and several houses are being warned of the possible danger. Real time map here.

3:15pm July 18th 1012 - The residents in the Caledonia Area and on the west side of Inverness in Livingston, are being advised to evacuate at this hour  after a new fire broke out today.  89 South is closed from Livingston to Emigrant.  Officials say it is currently the fire about 10 acres, and that hoses have been turned onto homes in the Caledonia Area.  We will keep you updated as they release more information.

This is an initial report from,Park County Disaster & Emergency Services Safety Coordinator, Belinda Van Nurden. We will update you as the information is available.

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