11AM -More information on the Willow Creek Fire Northwest of Livingston was released this morning.  It appears that currently the blaze has burned about 1000 acres. Park County Commissioner Randy Taylor said "It's settled down quite a bit, Up until midnight or 1 a.m. the wind was whipping the east end of it. It made it down to the Old Clyde Park Road and they had quite a fight there but they held it." As of this morning, no flames were visible.  Firefighters were conducting back burns to prevent the fire from spreading, and an aerial survey of the fire is planned for later in the day.

"Our guys, it was just a fantastic response," Taylor said. "They have averted what could’ve been a tremendous disaster. I saw flames running up and down the ridge, just like molten lava, almost. I can't say enough about the response of the fire department, the (Park County) Sheriff's Office."


6AM - The storm that ripped thru Bozeman last night was bad, but it was WAY worse in Livingston.  At approximately 7:30pm last night, the Willow Creek fire erupted from lightning about 3 miles northeast of Livingston.  Authorities have been fighting the blaze throughout the night - and at this point 30 homes have been evacuated.  According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle "Firefighters were attempting to hold the fire at Old Clyde Park Road around midnight with firefighters from multiple agencies, including the DNRC, U.S. Forest Service and rural fire departments."

We will keep you updated as they release more information!