We all deal with the smokey skies, read the continuous news articles about more - and larger - fires in our area.  We have neighbors who have lost homes, we have local families who are displaced - where do we even start to help? Here's how.  Elle Fine from Elle's Bells Cookies got word that the Firefighters fighting the Pine Creek Fire would really like "sweets".  Any and all kinds.  She whipped up some of her magic cookies, and hundreds were gone in a flash.  We now want to take  it one step further.

As one we cannot provide these delicacies to our brave men and women firefighters -  but together we absolutely can.  Can you bake?  Whatever it is, cookies, bars, pies, cakes ect - put your Betty Crocker Hat on and do some baking for this great cause.  If you get your sweets to the radio station (125 W. Mendenhall), we will then distribute them to the firefighters fighting all of the fires in SW Montana.  These men and women are putting their lives on the line to save our community, this seems like an easy thing do to!  CAN YOU HELP?