I've been known to take a few thing to excess over the years but at least this latest compulsive behavior isn't harmful to my health. Plus, the subjects at hand get recycled a few times before ACTUALLY getting recycled so it could be worse.

Magazine subscriptions....more magazine subscriptions than anyone could ever read. More subscriptions than an Emergency waiting room needs. Magazines of all kinds.

Fashion. Money. Business. Outdoors. High society nonsense. Travel. You name it, I now get it.....and I get all of these magazine subscriptions for FREE. No coupons needed. No hoops to jump through.

Here's a little secret: If you're a Verizon Wireless customer and you pay your bill online, you earn Verizon points every month. Sure, there's all sorts of stuff for you to buy with points and cash but often times the MAGAZINE subscriptions are free.

Voila. You're welcome......just keep your collection in check, unlike me.