Love is love, as my friend discovered in her Bozeman, Montana backyard this month.

When someone asks the question, "Can animals be gay?", the answer is clearly "yes". Or perhaps it's a matter of being bisexual. It's unclear, since a conversation with the moose in question isn't possible. All she knew was that this picture was NOT going to be the end of this encounter.

Two bull moose were exploring their feelings and my friend (who asked to remain anonymous) was able to capture the moment for posterity. Capturing this rare moment simply isn't enough when you're a supporter of LGBTQ rights AND have a sense of humor.

This year’s pie commemorates a very special occasion that took place about a week ago. I’m honored that Bullwinkle chose to come out right here in my yard. Thanks, Mother Nature, for the reminder about all that’s good in the natural world.

So what on earth did my friend do next? Celebrate the romantic moose moment by recreating it on her Thanksgiving pie, of course. Because that's what you do when you find two bull moose in love in your backyard, right? I'm most excited to see pictures of her guests when served this beauty of a dessert. (It's an apple/pear pie if YOU'RE curious...)

Michelle Wolfe with permission
Michelle Wolfe with permission
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In all seriousness: If you or someone you know is looking for local resources for sexual health and information, counseling, support or community, there are several outlets.

According to, "The word thanksgiving means the act of expressing or feeling thankfulness. In other words, it's the act of giving thanks for what you're grateful for."

If that's accurate, I'm thankful for the diversity of my friends, the ability to have frank conversations, and the sense of humor to see the lighter side of sensitive issues. May this holiday season be filled with family, (funny) friends, and time spent together. Cheers!

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