These crimes have been on the rise for years, and we need better ways to protect our property. 

It's that time of the year; everyone is ordering Christmas presents online and delivery men and women are absolutely swamped. Everything from clothes to electronics will be packaged up and left on doorsteps all over Montana. These presents will bring joy to many of our loved ones—unless left unattended, in which case, they could very easily be stolen. 

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Those who steal packages are most commonly known as porch pirates. Deliveries are made throughout the day, and packages could be unattended for hours depending on your work schedule. So what can you do to prevent your belongings from being stolen? 

The Bozeman Police Department made a nifty graph on Seven Ways To Stop Package Theft on their Facebook page. Here's the post. 

Credit: Bozeman Police Department via Facebook

We have to agree on several of these tips. Opting for store pick-up is probably one of the safest ways to secure your package. Adding a video or a doorbell camera is also a great way to watch over your packages and your house. 

What I tend to do with Christmas packages that I order online is have them delivered to my work. This way, it requires a signature, and I will immediately have the package secured. 

Photo by Mealpro via Unsplash
Photo by Mealpro via Unsplash

Another great way to secure your packages from porch pirates is to have the packages delivered to a trusted friend's house, if you know someone that works from home. That way, your friend can hold onto your packages while you are at work and you can pick them up at your leisure afterward. If you do this, we suggest you reward your friend with a present for their hard work. 

So this Christmas, prevent yourself from being a victim and protect your packages. 

For more details, check out the Bozeman Police Department

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