Not only is this place magical during the summertime, this national park is incredible to go to during the winter.

Thrillist came out with a list of the Best National Parks to Visit in the Winter and I was not expecting a national park in Montana to make the list at all to be honest. Mostly because Montana during the winter is absolutely brutal and Yellowstone is pretty much closed up and never gave a thought about Glacier National Park. I totally forgot that Glacier National Park, especially the west side of the park, remains mostly open during the winter.

Saint Marys Lake at Glacier National Park
DonFink/Getty Images


Thrillist points out some of the things to do in the winter at Glacier National Park includes snowshoeing, cross country skiing, backcountry camping, as long as you have a permit and you can still stay in some of the most iconic lodges.

Glacier National Park is a place that my family and I used to frequent quite a bit when I was young because that park doesn't get a lot of love and it's extremely underrated. From Going to the Sun Road to all the majestic hikes you can take and just enjoy the beauty of Montana.

Both East and West Glacier are special in their own ways and can help you get your eyes off of a screen and give your mind a break.

Even the surrounding areas of Whitefish and Columbia Falls are pretty great areas to go to if you want to venture out of the park for a while for a break.

For more details, check out Thrillist.

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