I'm starting to think that I may have a problem. I'm not addicted to drugs or alcohol, but I am addicted to buying vinyl records.

Vinyl Collection
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I've always been a fan of listening to music on vinyl. Something about it just hits different. At first, I only bought albums that I planned on listening to. After all, that's the reason you're supposed to buy records. Over the years, my record collection has grown and I've found myself running out of space in my house to store all of my records.

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The problem is, I'm still buying records even though I'm running out of space. Not only that, but recently I've bought a couple of albums on vinyl solely because they're extremely rare, even though I don't have any intention of playing them.

To top it all off, there are a couple of phenomenal record stores in Bozeman. I usually stop by at least once a week to browse the new inventory, and rarely walk out of the door without at least one new (to me) record.

Pink Floyd on Vinyl
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Is there a support group for vinyl addicts? I seriously think I have a problem. When I see a record that I'm thinking about buying, more often than not I talk myself into it. I have this "get it before it's gone" mentality, and think that if I don't buy the album when it's available, I'll miss out and have to wait for a repressing in the future. So, I grab the record and head to the checkout stand.

Counting Crows on Vinyl
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I know that I'm not the only audiophile in Bozeman, so I wanted to reach out and find out what other people do to control their vinyl buying urges. If you have any advice, please reach out and let me know if there's a cure for my weird addiction.

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