If you've attended any house parties in your lifetime, you've most likely played a drinking game.

Fairy Lake
Jesse James

When I was younger, my friends and I invented a drinking game that involves watching the movie Top Gun. Pretty much, whenever you heard the names "Maverick" or "Goose," you had to take a drink. That game didn't end well very often.

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There are a lot of popular drinking games including Beer Pong, Quarters, King's Cup, and one of my personal favorites, Edward Forty-Hands.

There's one drinking game that you won't find anywhere else than Bozeman. If you follow the Hiking Bozeman Forum Facebook page, you may have heard of it. It started as a result of so many people asking about conditions at Fairy Lake, a popular mountain lake in the Bridger Mountain Range

Google Maps
Google Maps

The drinking game has quickly become popular among people in the Bozeman hiking community. In order to play, you first have to join the Hiking Bozeman Forum page.

It's really simple. Basically, you drink whenever someone asks a question about Fairy Lake.

Here are a few examples

"Has anyone been to Fairy Lake? Is the road open?"

"What's the road like to Fairy Lake? Can I make it in my 92 Honda Accord?"

"Anyone know if the road to Fairy Lake is closed?"

Jesse James
Jesse James

If you're sitting around on the weekend with nothing to do, you should try the Fairy Lake drinking game. It's important to pace yourself because things could get out of hand with all of the drinks you're consuming.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to the Hiking Bozeman Forum Facebook page for creating this unique Bozeman drinking game.

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