You might not have the funds to go somewhere fancy or tropical, but that doesn't mean you can't have an incredible honeymoon here in Montana. 

There is a certain event popular in Montana, and that has to be weddings. People plan weddings in Montana all year round in every idyllic place. Montana has everything from ranches to mountains to lakes, people love getting married in Montana.

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What about the couple's honeymoon? Wouldn't you think Montana would be a solid place for a fantastic honeymoon? 

We thought about this idea, and even though Montana might not be the most logical place for a honeymoon, we have some solid options. 

Photo by Ashe Walker via Unsplash
Photo by Ashe Walker via Unsplash

Here are some honeymoon ideas for the state of Montana. 

  1. Winter Ski Trip-Obviously you would want to ski or snowboard in one of the best spots in Montana, and we have a few options. Big Sky Resort has the largest skiing area in North America and is a skier's dream. The other resort we would suggest is Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish's mountain is stellar for powder hounds, and the town's downtown is an absolute blast to grab dinner or go shopping. 
  2. Bigfork-We wanted to single out this town because it's the perfect summer honeymoon location in Montana. Love lakes? Flathead and Swan Lake are right at your doorstep. Plus, Bigfork has an amazing town atmosphere. 
  3. An Inclusive Resort-One interesting thing about Montana is we have several outstanding all-inclusive resorts that you can book. Whether you want a place to experience a dude ranch or feel like you are on the set of Yellowstone, Montana has quite a few options. 

So if you have friends who are getting married and having a hard time figuring out where to take their honeymoon, why not suggest Montana? 

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