Bozeman has grown quite a bit in the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has convinced many across the country to move from larger cities to smaller, more rural areas.

Recently, a question was asked on the Bozeman Reddit page.

Bozeman residents: with the influx of move-ins, 1) what are things new ppl can do to *not* be terrible and 2) what are things new ppl can do to be *exceptionally* terrible?

That's a very good question. For the many families moving to the Bozeman area looking for a new way of life, any advice is helpful in adapting to the change.

Many Reddit users offered sound advice for those moving to Bozeman. Below are a few examples.

Bozemangonewild wrote;

If you're not an outdoors fan, expect to spend the next 4-5 months indoors.

00BearderTerror wrote;

If you go anywhere in the forest around here and decide to light a campfire, please, please, please make sure you fully put it out before you leave. Someone recently posted up in this sub about two unattended fires they found up around Hyalite last week. Please familiarize yourselves with basic camping safety rules before you go wandering in the hills.

MTsummerandsnow wrote;

And for all things sacred about neeture, Bury your s*$t and TP at least 6 inches deep with your tp or haul it out. Go far off a trail to do it, like 100-200 yards far. This doesn’t mean flipping a big rock, moving a log over it, or scattering pine needles. It means burying it deep or hauling it out. Snow on the ground is no excuse. There are literally 10s of thousands of human s*$ts w/tp scattered around the region each year and it is absolutely disgusting. A majority of the surface shi*tters are wholly unprepared or just don’t give a rats tail and don’t even bother to surface s*$t far from where a human could be reasonably expected to not see it.

mlucaswalker wrote;

  1. Do drive well. We prefer to take turns at stop signs, as opposed to letting whole lines go first.

  2. Compare things to wherever you're from. This is Montana, we do things the montana way and it is not the californian way. Sorry - oh wait, we're not Canada so I'm not sorry at all.

No cap though, just be friendly, and don't be a d*%k without a reason. Montanans get a bad rap for being a little xenophobic about transplants, but nobody actually cares unless you transplanted to capitalize on the large plots of land available for sale, or the oil. Or if you're a Californian college student who can't drive in the snow. Those guys suck.

The responses above were just a few examples on the Reddit thread. If you're new to Bozeman, the advice above should help you out. In total, there were over 50 responses on the Bozeman Reddit page. To see all of the responses, click here.

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