Law enforcement agencies in Gallatin County are warning residents about a story about human trafficking that has been circulating on social media.

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office/Photo courtesy of Deputy Kiewatt
Gallatin County Sheriff's Office/Photo courtesy of Deputy Kiewatt

According to the rumor on social media, there has been a spike in human trafficking throughout Gallatin County. One person claimed that local children were in danger and allegedly witnessed a human trafficking sting at the Flying J truck stop in Belgrade. The post reportedly began circulating after it was shared on the social media page of a mother that lives in Belgrade.

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Law enforcement agencies, including the Belgrade Police Department and the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, recently released statements regarding the rumor circulating on social media. Both agencies say that reports of a recent human trafficking sting at Flying J are untrue.

Here's a statement from the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office.

The Belgrade Police Department released the following statement regarding the rumor on social media.

It's always a good idea to verify information that you read on social media. Contacting the Police Department or Sheriff's Office directly is one way to make sure what you're reading online is true.

Law Enforcement agencies in Montana work hard to make sure that residents are safe and informed, and are continuously monitoring the state for indicators of human trafficking of all forms. Residents and parents in Gallatin County are encouraged to stay vigilant when it comes to children and their safety.

Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash
Photo by Kate Oseen on Unsplash

If you have any questions about human trafficking or if you hear about something that sounds a little fishy, contact the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office at (406)-582-2100.

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