What's The Most Obese City In Montana?

Obesity in America is no longer a problem on the horizon, it's one that is here and now.

Currently over a third of all Americans are considered obese, and in just the next 10 years, over half of all adults will be as well.

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What's Montana's obesity population?

When it comes to obesity in Montana, we are actually doing a lot better than the rest of the nation.

According to the website 24/7 Wall St Montana currently ranks #42 for most obese states in America.

In fact if I'm reading the statistics correctly, we might be one of the most healthy states there is.

A father and son flex their muscles together

From 24/7 Wall Street

  • Share of adults who are obese: 28.0% (US rate: 32.1%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 18.6% — the lowest (US rate: 25.9%)
  • Pop. over 20 with diabetes: 6.4% — the lowest (US rate: 9.4%)
  • Adults who don’t get enough sleep: 30.9% — 5th lowest (US rate: 35.3%)
  • Adults in poor or fair health: 14.4% — 11th lowest (US rate: 17.1%)

It's not surprising to see Montanans get more exercise than other states as getting outdoors and exercising is one of the main draws of living in Montana.

It's too bad there has to be a "worst" or "most" obese city even in a state that is as healthy as Montana.

So, what city has the dishonor of being the most obese city in Montana?

A map of Montana with a pin in Great Falls

Great Falls, Montana

That's according to 24/7 Tempo which found the most obese city in every state.

Here's the stats for Great Falls,

  • Adults who are obese: 32.3% (state: 28.0%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 8.1% (state: 6.4%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 21.8% (state: 18.6%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 16.6% (state: 14.4%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 35.9% (state: 30.9%)
  • Media household income: $52,049 (state: $56,539)

Looking at those statistics Great Falls is just a bit worse than rest of the state, but is doing a bit better than the rest of America.

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All information is from and credited to the Stacker website.

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