Last week, we told you about Ron Swineson, a pet pig that had gone missing in the Livingston area.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. After missing for a week, Ron Swineson has been found and returned home safely. Ron Swineson was found 15 miles from home on another ranch.

Ryan Aspen, Ron Swineson's owner, spoke with Dave & Ally Monday morning on our sister station 100.7 XL Country. Aspen said that the people that found Ron were unaware he was on their property because they were out searching for him at the time.

Aspen also stated that he really happy to have Ron back, and thanks everyone for rallying together to help find him.

Dave & Ally from 100.7 XL Country spoke to Ron's owner, Ryan Aspen on the XL Morning show. Listen to the interview below.

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