Local firefighters throughout Gallatin County will take part in the College 'M' Hill Climb on Saturday, April 17.

Firefighters will climb the Bozeman M on Saturday, April 17 in an effort to raise funds for Eli Rogola, a resident of Belgrade, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

The event will start at Map Brewing at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 17th. There will be a pint night, and raffles with great prizes.

For firefighters climbing the 'M' during the event, full fire gear, minus a hood will be required for the event and climbing on air will be optional considering the level of difficulty of the climb. There will be no bottle swap location during the climb and if fire boots do not have the appropriate amount of tread to climb the M, regular tennis shoes or hiking boots are allowed.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the climb, but will have to purchase t-shirts and raffle tickets separately. Prizes for the raffle range from a guided fishing trip through Eaton Outfitters, classes at MTN Tough Fitness, gift cards to Aether Tattoo Club in Belgrade, a Sitka jacket, and gift cards to MAP brewing in Bozeman.

Firefighters have transportation planned for participants that will take them to the 'M' from Map Brewing on Saturday.

If you don't want to participate in the climb, but still want to show your support for Eli and his family, raffles and T-shirts will be available for purchase at MAP brewing. In addition, MAP will be hosting a live stream of the event. You can also purchase raffle tickets and t-shirts using the link below.

Tyler Samlowski, Captain of the Central Valley Stair Climb team says everyone is invited to attend and take part in the 'M' hill climb. It's not limited to only firefighters.

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