According to a press release from the Bozeman Police department, a man was arrested in downtown Bozeman after officers responded to a report of domestic violence.

When officers arrived on the scene, several people reported that a male armed with a knife was attacking a woman. Multiple people attempted to intervene and disarm the man, and he then proceeded to threaten them.

Officers spoke with Bozeman individuals and they were later evaluated by first responders.

Based on the investigation, the man was arrested for multiple felonies; including 2 counts of assault with a weapon, aggravated burglary, and robbery. The man will also be charged with Partner Family Member Assault. He was booked at the Gallatin County Detention Center with no bond as a result of the felony charges. A judge later issued a bond of $75,000.

Last week, Bozeman Police officers to reports of an intoxicated male that had parked his vehicle on a lawn and then proceeded to urinate in the street. Officers located the vehicle, still running with the driver's door left open. Three of the four tires on the vehicle were blown out.

Later, the man was located inside of a Toyota that did not belong to him. The suspect told officers that the Toyota belonged to him, but was unaware of the make and model. After the man failed a field sobriety test, he was arrested for DUI, criminal trespassing, and urinating in public.

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